How To Tackle The Daunting, Delicious Artichoke

Confession: Even as an experienced cook, I sometimes find artichokes daunting. Forget to drop the raw, freshly cut vegetable into lemon water during preparation and it quickly turns brown. Stop paying attention while cutting off the pointy end of the leaves, and get pricked. And then there’s the choke, that little hairball at the center of the green globe. Don’t scrape it all out and, well, it ain’t called the choke for nothing.

Having said that, artichokes are rewarding. I love them simply steamed, the leaves dipped in melted butter, vinaigrette or aioli. The hearts are sublime, a delicious prize once you’ve worked your way through the rest.

Artichoke season is fleeting, and it happens to be now. So if you’re interested in tackling this delicious-if-daunting spring vegetable, here are some recipes that will help.

Liza Schoenfein is food editor of the Forward. Contact her at or on Twitter, @LifeDeathDinner


Liza Schoenfein

Liza Schoenfein

Food editor Liza Schoenfein is also a writer and recipe developer and author of the blog Life, Death & Dinner. She was editor-in-chief of Jewish Living magazine, executive editor of Saveur, and was the editor and She has written articles and developed recipes for a wide range of publications including Elle, Saveur, Self, Fitness, Cooking Light, Country Living and She is working on a cookbook and a memoir about food and family. Liza lives in New York City with her husband and two sons.

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How To Tackle The Daunting, Delicious Artichoke

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