Notorious RBG Gives Side-Eye In Supreme Court Photo

It was sort of a coming out for Neil Gorsuch, the newest Supreme Court justice, when he appeared in an official portrait with his colleagues for the first time.

But Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been around the block, and she didn’t look too happy in the latest snap of the nine Supremes. Looking glum, avoiding the lens of the camera, her arms tautly placed on her legs, she seemed to be screaming (silently) to get the whole thing done with.

RBG isn’t one for all the niceties of public appearances. She fell asleep once during former President Obama’s State of the Union address.

Perhaps it’s that these rituals are wearing on her as she closes in on a quarter-century at the Court, or that she’s missing her friend the late Antonin Scalia, or that she just has better things to do.

Whatever the case, she’s giving some serious side-eye. Not that any of us are going to fault her for it.

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This story "Bader Ginsburg Gives Side-Eye In Supreme Court Photo" was written by Daniel J. Solomon.

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Notorious RBG Gives Side-Eye In Supreme Court Photo

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