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Celebrate International Pasta Day With Instagram’s Most Mouthwatering Kugels

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Since ancient times, Jews have marked the harvest season with a venerable—nay, sacred—ritual. It’s called … International Pasta Day.

OK, so maybe it’s not venerable, and maybe it’s not totally Jewish. But International Pasta Day is real, it’s here, and we at the Forward are eager to observe it. And what better way to celebrate than with kugel, the most iconic Jewish pasta dish? Stay in for dinner tonight with our roundup of sweet and savory kugels to suit every palette. Chag sameach!

Molly Yeh’s Apple Cardamom Kugel
On her blog, food influencer Molly Yeh writes about the excitement of introducing new friends to her childhood staple. Her recipe features apples and cardamom, a classic but flavorful take on the dish.

Jake Cohen’s “OG Back Pocket Pasta” Kugel
For our Twitter-averse readers, “OG” means “old-school”—as in, a great recipe to have on hand for weekday nights and no-hassle dinner parties. This buttery kugel from Jake Cohen at Food 52 doesn’t include any specialty ingredients, but you can add whatever you have on hand, from dried fruit to corn flakes.

Tori Avey’s Chai Noodle Kugel
This fall favorite will tempt even people who think they’re too good for pumpkin spice. Loaded with spices and topped with graham cracker crumbs, it’s the perfect dish for a cozy autumn gathering.

Jamie Geller’s Mini Kugel Cups
Are these mini kugels or giant potato latkes? Watch this ingenious video from Jewish lifestyle influencer Jamie Geller, to find out.

Popsugar’s Kugel for All Seasons
Chock full of fruit and nuts, this kugel will take you from Thanksgiving to Hanukkah and back again.

Amy Kritzer’s Blueberry Goat Cheese Kugel
Kritzer’s slogan is “This ain’t yo bubbe’s blog,” and this definitely isn’t your bubbe’s kugel. Put aside the cottage cheese and sink into refined flavors and fruit with this decadent recipe.

Celebrate International Pasta Day With Yummy Kugels

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Celebrate International Pasta Day With Instagram’s Most Mouthwatering Kugels

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