6 Jewish Costumes for Shabbat-oween

Dressing up for Halloween is always an ordeal. Dressing up when Halloween also falls on Shabbat? Wow.

So this year, in honor of “Shabbatoween,” we’ve come up with some easy tricks to add a topical Jewish twist to your costume. Major treats guaranteed.

1) Irv Rosenfeld from “American Hustle”

For ultimate ’70s swag, pair a leisure suit with a colorful shirt. Bring on the bling, perfect the comb-over and voila! (ABSCAM optional)

2) Gloria Steinem

Forget Jennifer Lawrence. For the female counterpart to Irv’s psychadelic charm, try a long hair, don’t care Gloria Steinem attitude. Throw on some oversized sunglasses and you’re good to go.

3) Michael Ginsberg From “Mad Men”

This season of “Mad Men” was not so kind to our favorite MOT. Pay tribute with a garish sports coat, clashing tie and fake mustache. For a real show stopper, carry around a suspicious-looking, slightly bloody box (avoid the whole cutting your nipple off part).

4) Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Another (and far more sane) Ginsburg. This one is easy: black robe, sleek bun and major side-eye. If all else fails, you can just rock a “Notorious RBG” t-shirt. We hear she’s a fan.

5) Woody Allen

Big black frames, white shirt, and a healthy dose of neurosis.

6) Christian Bale Dressing up as Moses

Christian Bale is on a roll with the Jewish roles (is he trying to tell us something?) In honor of the upcoming “Exodus” reboot, channel his Moses spirit with a linen cape, a beard and a whole lot of spray tan.

6 Jewish Costumes for Shabbat-oween

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6 Jewish Costumes for Shabbat-oween

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