We Put Jewish Celebrities Through #HowOldRobot by the Forward

We Put Jewish Celebrities Through #HowOldRobot

Ok, we’ll admit it, we just couldn’t resist! Yes, the #HowOldRobot is in its beta stage, but we wanted to know what it would make our of our favorite famous Jews. Here are the results and well… #HowOldRobot still has some kinks to work out.

A fine young man - Mel Brooks (88):

Bust (immortal), Benjamin Netanyahu (65) and Barrack Obama (53)

Benjamin Netanyahu may look dejected in this pic, but at least #HowOldRobot thinks he’s younger than Obama!

Amy Schumer (33)

Good job, #HowOldRobot

Larry David (67)

Feeling young, eh Larry?

But #HowOldRobot’s most grievous offense is:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (82)

No matter how many years you may have shaved off her, how dare you think Notorious RBG is one of the weaker sex! We reject your analysis!

How old does #HowOldRobot think you are?


Lior Zaltzman

Lior Zaltzman

Lior Zaltzman was the Forward’s Digital Fellow. Follow her on twitter @liorca.

We Put Jewish Celebrities Through #HowOldRobot

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We Put Jewish Celebrities Through #HowOldRobot

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