Is Porn Queen Jenna Jameson Joining the Tribe?

Jenna Jameson may soon go from ‘The Queen of Porn’ to the queen of Shabbat. The twice-divorced entrepreneur and (mostly retired) adult film star has been cooking up a kosher storm on social media. Could she be joining the Tribe?

When a Twitter follower asked her when she started cooking Kosher, she wrote:

Jameson is reportedly engaged to 41-year-old Lior Bitton, a Herzliya native who works in the diamond business in Los Angeles.. And from the looks of her social media platforms, it seems she's taking being a Jew as seriously and dedicatedly as she did porn. After all, she is the winner of more than 35 adult film awards.

I mean, just look at that challah.

And she made Chilean-sea-bass chraime for Shabbat dinner! Chraime! The ideal sephardic Jewish dish!

Talk about food porn. We really hope that kosher cookbook is on the way.

What's more, the blonde bombshell will soon be landing in the Holy-Land! And she announced it in Hebrew. Kol ha'Kavod!

But what won me over is this: Jenna is eating Eskimo, the Israeli popsicle, for dessert. This is it - the true taste of Israeli nostalgia. And the world’s most famous adult film star is taking a bite. Eskimo, you have arrived!

Some more conservative Jews will surely frown at Jenna’s conversion. But the bottom line is, whatever Jenna does - she gives it her 100%. We’re sure she’ll ace her conversion, and make our people proud. So my only question is: Jenna, when can WE come over for Shabbat dinner?

Is Porn Queen Jenna Jameson Joining the Tribe?

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Is Porn Queen Jenna Jameson Joining the Tribe?

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