What Jewish Dads Mean to You, Illustrated

- Esther Klein about her Jewish father.

A couple of weeks ago, we put out a call to readers asking for stories about Jewish dads. The response was incredible — and especially moving given that my own Jewish dad (and mom) came to visit me this week. I don’t think we have ever really celebrated Father’s Day together. It’s not really a thing back in Israel. But this weekend, we’re going to a Broadway show. And I might even get him a little gift.

But back to your stories, we got too many amazing ones to count, so here are just some of them, illustrated.

Briony L:
Karen Olk Friend:
“… Making the sharp turn from bread-winner to toddlers’ bucking bronco seem flawless.”

David Arfa:

“Distant and aloof…”

What Rachel Sumekh’s dad, Joseph Sumekh, always told her and her brother when they were bickering:
Esther Klein:
… Is what he always says.

Sara Goodman:
Leah Vincent:

Thank you so much to everyone who shared! Happy Father’s Day, everyone.

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What Jewish Dads Mean to You, Illustrated

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What Jewish Dads Mean to You, Illustrated

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