PHOTOS: Mayim Bialik Is Having a Blast in Israel

Mayim Bialik is in Israel, and by the looks of it, she’s having a blast.

Pool views, spice-scenes from the shuk, visit to ruins , not to mention a 14-hour flight with the kids in tow — the actress has recorded all the sights and sounds of her Holy Land vacation on her .

A self-described “staunch Zionizt,” Bialik was vocal about her support for the Jewish state during Israel’s war against Hamas last summer (despite being “devastated by the violence”), going so far as to write a blog post justifying her decision to donate bullet-proof vests to the IDF. More recently, had this to say about the Israeli elections:

I have swung many ways in terms of my views of Israeli politics over the years. I have had family living in Israel on both sides of the green line literally since I was born. I have religious Zionist family who live in the West Bank, I have secular family on a kibbutz, and I have a variety of family and friends in between!

I don’t live in Israel. I am her scattered citizen, clinging to her in my heart and in my dreams. I want her to be safe. I don’t want her to be hated and feared. I want her to stand for the identity she was made to affirm. I want all of this to come now, right now. Because I don’t think we can wait any longer.

The “Big Bang Theory” star is one of the rare representations of Modern Orthodoxy in Hollywood. She earned a B.S. in neuroscience, Hebrew studies, and Jewish studies from UCLA, wears long sleeves to award shows, has a pretty impressive Magen David collection, bakes Hamantashen with her kids, and apparently likes to show off her family-ties to Israel’s National Poet, Chaim Nachman Bialik.

This story "PHOTOS: Mayim Bialik Is Having a Blast in Israel" was written by Anne Cohen.

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PHOTOS: Mayim Bialik Is Having a Blast in Israel

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