Jewish Stars Make #OscarsSoFun

So we were going to write about the Jewish celebrities’s best looks on the Oscars red carpet, but guess what? Despite #OscarsSoJewish, there weren’t that many in sight…

So we scrapped that idea and found our Jewish celebs where they usually are found in the wild: ranting and raving about the Academy Awards on twitter. Here are some of the funnier and most inspiring Oscars posts from Jewish celebs who got to watch the Oscars in their PJs from the comfort of their own homes:

It was not even Oscar time on Sunday afternoon, and diva Bette Middler already hit us with a heavy dose of truth RE: #OscarsSoWhite:

Sarah Silverman was pretty nervous for her presenter gig:

Nine time consecutive host, Billy Crystal, took to twitter to wish current host, Chris Rock, the best of luck:

Of course, as Billy predicted, Chris Rock slayed it. The whole Jewish Twitter-sphere, us at the Forward included, went crazy for Chris Rock’s poignant opening monologue:

Many of our Jewish stars were feeling the Mad Max mania, after the movie won ___ awards:

Ok, not everyone:

I mean, that’s a valid point:

Elizabeth Banks gave us a behind the scene peek at the Oscars menu. Deviled eggs? Seems dangerous:

Deviled egg.

A photo posted by Elizabeth Banks (@elizabethbanks) on

And then Marc Maron channeled our grumpy Jewish uncle with this one:

Josh Gad made a good point about the in memoriam part of the show:

But it was actor Adam Goldberg who finally helped us solve the mystery of where the Jewish actors really were:

Jewish Stars Make #OscarsSoFun

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Jewish Stars Make #OscarsSoFun

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