Sneaky Rhino Escapes From Israeli Zoo

Sneaky, sneaky!

Ynet just shared this video of rhino Tibor, who escaped from the zoo in Ramat Gan, an Israeli city close to Tel Aviv, this Sunday, only to be caught shortly after by two zoo staffers.

Watch him slowly and nonchalantly approach the zoo gate and then make a run for it once he’s out! James Bond could learn a thing or two from this guy:

One should note that the cute little chicken who tried to follow suit was not captured before it could escape the gate. So, while anyone in the vicinity could have been mauled by a giant rhino, at least the danger of getting pecked to death by a chicken was averted. Good job, team zoo!

The 8 and a half year-old rhinoceros is the fourth of his species to have made a run for it from the Ramat Gan Zoo. In January of 2015, three female rhinos, including one name Rihanna, escaped the zoo briefly and went on a little stroll. Fun times.

According to Ynet, the zoo is investigating this incident. But I think the lesson to be learned here is, never underestimate a rhinoceros.

This story "Sneaky Rhino Escapes From Israeli Zoo" was written by Lior Zaltzman.

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Sneaky Rhino Escapes From Israeli Zoo

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