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WATCH: Adam Sandler Meets Look-Alike With Same Name as ‘Do-Over’ Character

No need to adjust your screen, you’re not seeing two Adam Sandlers but the comedian with his younger doppelgänger — who just happens to have the same name as Sandler’s “Do-Over” character.

Max Kessler met Sandler on the film’s red carpet after receiving a personal invitation from the actor for the film’s premier. But you wouldn’t know it was their first time meeting by their familiar and light hearted banter.

Watch the two Sandlers meet on the red carpet:

“It’s a younger, sweeter, better version of me,” Sandler joked, putting his arm around Kessler. “He’s a good kid, he’s funny as hell and I was happy to meet him. We do everything together now,” Sandler joked. “Yeah, we’re besties,” Kessler quipped.

“He’s moving in,” Sandler retorted.

“I heard he’s good at basketball,” Kessler said. Sandler countered, “You play hoop? Let’s do it Maxie!”

Kessler couldn’t believe he shared a name with Sandler in the SNL-alum’s second feature film with Netflix. Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Kessler said the first thing he did was call his mom, “and I said, ‘This is a joke, someone dubbed the script. Someone did something, there’s no way it’s my name.’ It was true, it was real.”

“So I post a picture of myself and Adam to Reddit and it took off ,” he added. “He commented on my Facebook profile picture and the Reddit, and invited me out here.”

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WATCH: Adam Sandler Meets Look-Alike With Same Name as ‘Do-Over’ Character

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