The Official ‘Girls’ Season 6 Drinking Game by the Forward

The Official ‘Girls’ Season 6 Drinking Game

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“Girls” returns for its final season on Sunday, and we really couldn’t be sadder to see our favorite Brooklyn 20-somethings go. In the meantime, we’ve devised a comprehensive drinking game to get you delightfully tipsy during the upcoming episodes (basically, for those of us not into sports, this can serve as our own personal Super Bowl).

So, tuck in with your Marine or your Hannah, and prepare to get a little weird.

Take a sip anytime:

• Two or more characters have a conversation in the bathroom

• Shoshanna appears in a scene with a different hairdo

• Lena’s parents have a fight that she’s dragged into

• Marnie is disappointed in Hannah

• Elijah’s hair looks perfect

• Jessa says something cutting to Hannah

• You can’t decide if Desi and Marnie’s music is beautiful or awful

• Two or more of them discuss their friendship

• Someone is naked

Take a shot anytime:

• Ray gives a sage life advice soliloquy

• Shoshana speaks in Japanese unnecessarily

• Desi says “bella”

• Desi does something pretentious

• Hannah quits a job

• Hannah complains about her lack of inspiration

• Hannah wears either a romper or “shorteralls”

• Marnie really wants to discuss all of their friendships

Take a big ol’ gulp:

• Anytime Laird’s baby is dressed exactly like him

• Hannah writes something emotionally revealing

• Hannah’s mom is in full crisis mode and says “f—ck” a lot

• Marnie crosses her arms

• Jessa is whimsically behind the times (doesn’t have a cell phone etc.)

• Anyone is in the bathtub

• Anytime one of them dances and (bonus sip) Marnie does the “stank” face

• You find yourself reevaluating your own life

• You see yourself in one of the characters and feel both awful and completely validated


Laura E. Adkins

Laura E. Adkins

Laura E. Adkins is the Forward’s Opinion Editor. Follow her on Twitter @Laura_E_Adkins or email

Thea Glassman

Thea Glassman

Thea Glassman was an associate editor for the Forward. Follow her on twitter @theakglassman.

The Official ‘Girls’ Season 6 Drinking Game

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The Official ‘Girls’ Season 6 Drinking Game

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