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Samantha Bee Slams Ivanka Trump: She’s Not Your “Secret Progressive Buddy”

Samantha Bee has some choice words for anyone who thinks Ivanka Trump is their progressive, feminist, White House savior.

“Stop it, Democrats,” Bee said during her show Wednesday night. “She’s not a wailing wall for you to desperately stuff your prayer notes into.”

The host pointed out that Ivanka has only allegedly put a stop to one of her father’s executive orders — an attack an LGBTQ rights — while the other 23 have gone through without a hitch.

Bee also waved away any hope that Ivanka will halt the Trump administration’s attack on the environment.

“She’s not gonna convince her dad climate change isn’t a Chinese hoax,” Bee said. “Anyone with a dad knows they have invisible old-man-opinion strength.”

And what about the fact that Ivanka has met up with environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio twice?

“Meeting with Leo DiCaprio is not a sign that you care about climate change, it’s a sign you were a teenager in the ’90s,” the host quipped.

Basically, Bee explained, Ivanka’s role in The White House is going to be the same song-and-dance as before, essentially “pushing her dad’s dodgy agenda with a smile, which she was doing back when Kellyanne was still dreamily pretending to lie to Jake Tapper in her bedroom mirror.”

Watch Bee’s full take down below:

Thea Glassman is an Associate Editor at the Forward. Reach her at or on Twitter at @theakglassman.

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Samantha Bee Slams Ivanka Trump: She’s Not Your “Secret Progressive Buddy”

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