‘Broad City’ Just Dropped Season 4 Trailer

Let us turn in the ecstasy of thanksgiving to the Reform Jewish liturgy: In a world torn by violence and pain, a world far from wholeness and peace, a world waiting still to be redeemed, give us, oh Lord, a chance to say: YAAAAAAAAS QUEEN to the new trailer for “Broad City” Season 4.

Abby and Ilana are back. Prepare to have an emotional orgasm.

In their first trailer for their new season, premiering on Comedy Central on August 23rd, the “Broad City” women prove that the best revenge (to your world being governed by a man whose values are anathema to yours) is living well. For Abby and Ilana this entails self-administering gynecological exams, refusing to let masturbation schedules be disrupted by the existence of Donald Trump, and protest by way of non-consensually shotgunning weed smoke into anti-choice demonstrators’ mouths.

Guest stars include RuPaul, Wanda Sykes, and the glorious return of one of the show’s all-time favorite featured players — pegging.

There will be Florida, farts, Shania Twain, and nipple choreography.

If you are a doctor reading this please let me know: is there some kind medical-grade weed I can smoke that will put me in a coma until August 23rd?

Enjoy the debauchery here:

Yes Prepare For An Emotional Orgasm: ‘Broad City’ Is Coming Back With A Vengeance

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‘Broad City’ Just Dropped Season 4 Trailer

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