Courtney Love Calls Activist Linda Sarsour An ‘Anti-Semitic Terrorist” On Twitter

Sponsored by The Coalition To Make Feminist Anxiety Nightmares Real (probably), rock icon Courtney Love and activist Linda Sarsour engaged in a furious Twitter battle yesterday.

“I won’t follow anything thats being led by an anti-Semetic terrorist that’s using feminism as a tool to promote her radicalism,” Love tweeted.

The tweets were in response to an online fundraiser Sarsour started for Rahma Warsame, a Muslim-American woman who was injured in Columbus, Ohio this weekend. On her fundraiser page Sarsour wrote that Warsame was “brutally beaten by a white man as she came to the defense of another sister.”

The event seems to have been an altercation between several members of the same apartment complex, but by the time Sarsour raised $80,000 for Warsame’s cause, a statement was released by the Columbus Police Department saying, “There is no evidence at this time suggesting that the incident involved any type of bias which would constitute the incident being investigated as a hate crime.”

Sarsour has since raised over $100,000 for Warsame.

Though the last thing this horrifying incident really needs is Courtney Love, who is famous to this millennial mostly for her anti-cheese crusades, Courtney Love stepped in.

“You’re a vile disgrace to women and all mankind,” she tweeted, going on to call her “a fraud,” and defending her comments by tweeting, “I worked my ass off my entire life to defend women, I didn’t create fake stories and lie about them nor rip people off financially.”

Sarsour responded.

Regardless of the side your on in this unprecedented and darkly addictive Love/Sarsour showdown, it’s worth noting that Sarsour, who helped organize the Women’s March and is a Palestinian activist, has been the target of violent Islamaphobic threats. Love, who indeed also has feminist credentials, is unlikely to be attacked for her views but has been “battling a cheese addiction”.

Jenny Singer is a writer for the Forward. You can reach her at or on Twitter @jeanvaljenny.

Courtney Love Linda Sarsour Twitter Battle

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Courtney Love Calls Activist Linda Sarsour An ‘Anti-Semitic Terrorist” On Twitter

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