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Jewish Stars Write Love Letters To The LGBTQ Community

June is Gay Pride Month, and to celebrate 30 days of love, Billboard asked dozens of beloved celebrities to pen ‘love letters’ addressed to the LGBTQ community. Read on for selections from well deserved letters by Jewish stars to their LGBTQ communities and fans. Read all the letters here. From Babs to Adam Lambert they all agree — they couldn’t have done it without their queer friends.

Barbara Streisand “The gay community supported me from the start, and I will always be grateful … Marriage equality is the law and that deserves a toast … to all of us, because we’re all unique and beautiful in our own way and entitled to love and be loved by whomever we choose.”

Lea Michele “I wanted to offer a note to the LGBTQ community who has supported me throughout my career and who are a constant inspiration to me…Pride is a strong word and one I don’t use lightly but there is no better word to represent and celebrate this incredible community of people.”

Adam Lambert “I remember the joy of first feeling like I had found ‘my kind of people.’Y’all are my true inspiration. You’re life lines that have kept me grounded and thankful. All the LGBTQ musicians, dancers, drag queens, bar stars, club kids, designers, actors, stylists, glam squads … YOU are my circus family.”

Idina Menzel “To my LGBTQ friends and family, my mentors and collaborators, and all those whom I have yet to meet: You are the real Elphabas and Elsas and Maureens of this world. You are the courageous heroes who have showed the rest of us what it means to be true and honest and stand up for each other — and to love that very thing about ourselves that might set us apart form each other … No Day But Today.”

Kristin Davis “Thank you for always being a beacon of strength and power through all of humanity’s struggles. To be embraced by a community where creativity is celebrated, eccentricities are strengths, and speaking up for our personal truths are paramount—you have inspired me and will always be a source of strength and love for me.”

Read The ‘Love Letters’ To The LGBTQ Community Jewish Celebs Wrote For Pride

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Jewish Stars Write Love Letters To The LGBTQ Community

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