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Trailer For New Jenny Slate-Gillian Robespierre Collaboration Drops

The trailer for the hotly anticipated new Jenny Slate/Gillian Robespierre collaboration is finally here and it’s … a little bit disappointing.

“Landline” is a film about two sisters who are brought closer over suspicions their father might be having an affair. The trailer features a lot of indie movie tropes: making out in bathtubs, a rebellious teen with a wit beyond her years, dance breaks, a garbage bag worn as an outfit, a mostly white cast, Jay Duplass.

All in all, it’s a lackluster preview of a movie that will premiere to high expectations. Robespierre’s first movie “Obvious Child,” about a woman navigating the waters of an early relationship abortion, was a veritable indie hit. This follow-up seems tired compared to the energy and innovation of her debut.

Of course, Slate can’t help but charm the pants off of her audience every time she’s onscreen, but will her indie star power be enough to save a movie that seems to rely on recycled twee instead of genuinely funny poignancy?

“Landline” will be in select theaters July 21st.

Becky Scott is the editor of The Schmooze. Follow her on Twitter at @arr_scott

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Trailer For New Jenny Slate-Gillian Robespierre Collaboration Drops

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