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These 3 Pics Don’t Lie - Corinne Olympios Of ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Is Jewish

In a world where the guy from “The Celebrity Apprentice” is our president (it’s not enough to know this fact, we must feel it deep within our bones), many of us have come to rely on the little things to get us through the day – like “Bachelor in Paradise,” the hit reality show where twenty sexy singles compete to fall in love with one another the fastest or face getting kicked off a Mexican beach with unlimited free alcohol.

This season, “Bachelor in Paradise” may not be returning due to a scandal that has shaken Warner Bros. so much that they felt it necessary to send the cast and crew back to the States – and back to their reality T.V. president.

Perhaps the most devastating part of the show’s cancellation is that we won’t get to see Corinne Olympios, the blonde bombshell from Nick Viall’s season most famous for being a full-grown woman with a nanny.

Many people know that Corinne is beautiful, hilarious, and loves cheesy pasta but fewer are aware that she’s also Jewish! Need proof? I come bearing pics.

Feta cheese on a bagel kinda family ??✡️?

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The 25-year-old model-slash-corn-enthusiast comes straight from a “feta cheese on a bagel family.”

When given an opportunity like this, I always “ask for” or “wish” good to come to others first before asking and wishing on myself. Health wealth and happiness for my family and close friends is something I never leave out. Today I got home from a long trip and the first call I got was that my dads parents (my grandparents) got into a terrible accident and are both in the hospital. For the first time in my life I felt my heart stop. Ive never had a situation like this happen to me before as I have all four of my grandparents still in my life (thank gd) my yiayia and papou will be okay in a few weeks but this was really a wake up call. Don’t let life’s antics get in the way of what is really important because you never know what can happen in the blink of an eye. Everyday is a gift. So blessed. So thankful. ??❤ #familyfirst

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Her antics on “The Bachelor” may not bring The Holy Land to mind but she’s visited Israel – and prayed for her yiayia and papou on The Western Wall.

I luhhh you! @tayoly12 #happybatmitzvah #onemore #raisedtheroof #thirteen #sistersawomannow #allglittereverything

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She identifies as being a bad dancer – but that’s not for lack of practice at family bat mitzvahs.

Lazy Thursdays #mochi #chillin #baby #eyeballs #donttouchmeimcomfy

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Her adorable dog probably has no connection to her Judaism but since when did anyone need a reason to post a picture of a puppy with eyes like that.

So there you have it – the not-so-secret Jewish present of your favorite “Bachelor in Paradise” contestant.

On the way to making America Corinne again ????❣️

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Make America Corinne again, indeed!

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These 3 Pics Don’t Lie - Corinne Olympios Of ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Is Jewish

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