SHOCKER: Ivanka Trump Doesn’t Care Much About The ‘Women Who Work’ In Her Factory

In news I wish were more shocking, the factory where Ivanka Trump’s fashion label is produced has been accused of playing host to a hostile work environment.

The Guardian reports that workers at the factory, located in Subang, Indonesia, described “inhumane” working conditions, telling stories of abuse from upper management, sub-minimum wages, and unrealistic production goals.

This report fits in with a discernible pattern of the Trump offsprings’ willingness to do anything for profit, whether it means skimming money off the top of children’s cancer donations or failing to provide their employees with humane working conditions. People like Ivanka Trump and her brothers are to blame for why we can’t have nice things, like capitalism that works for everyone.

Labor activists investigating the factory from whence these complaints came disappeared a couple weeks ago. Their disappearance should have been an explosive story but we live in a dog-eat-dog news cycle and the story itself disappeared under several hundred more pressing scandals almost immediately.

In a telling excerpt from one woman interviewed, she “burst out laughing” when she heard about the details of Ivanka’s new book “Women Who Work.”

Many women who work at the factory are unable to afford to keep their children at home and instead rely on relatives to raise them.

Clearly, it is not the priority of Ivanka or her brothers to provide livable wages or a safe work setting for the human beings largely responsible for their outsize wealth.

The report is thorough and disturbing and you can (and should) read the entire piece.

Now, tell me what you were saying about trickle-down economics again?

Becky Scott is the editor of The Schmooze. Follow her on Twitter at @arr_scott

This story "Ivanka Trump Factory Abuse" was written by Becky Scott.

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SHOCKER: Ivanka Trump Doesn’t Care Much About The ‘Women Who Work’ In Her Factory

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