22 Tweets That Sum Up Your Jewish Summer Camp Experience

In my final year at Jewish summer camp, a renegade Israeli counselor, fed up with the camp’s emphasis on safety and sensitivity, took my unit of teens into the woods and instructed us to drink water and then spit it into each others’ mouths. Then he read us “The Giving Tree”.

Every person’s experience at Jewish summer camp is unique and different, just like the leaves on a giving tree. Luckily, Twitter has allowed for all of us still mulling over our camp experiences to laugh, ponder, and come together by remembering:

1.These fighting words

2.This succinct bunk note

“Dear Mom + etc.

I’m in a play. Send me candy and comics or else I won’t write. Having fun. Participating in activities. Met lots of girls.

Love, Annie”

3.This understandable misconception

4.This vivid observation

5.This fact that we must never, ever forget

6.This chance for summer camp to change the course of human history

7.This connection between summer camp and Phish

8.This stereotype-bucking horror story

9.This compelling-sounding piece of literature

10.This casting call

11.This relatable goal

12.This story of modern love

13.This remembrance of educational trauma

14.This believable theory

15.These titans of Jewish education

16.This tender combination of stalking and nostalgia

17.This accurate statement

18.This truism

19.This holiday greeting from a stray goy

20.This sensible review

21.This sweet seder burn

22.This very specific priceless experience

Jenny Singer is a writer for the Forward. You can reach her at Singer@forward.com or on Twitter @jeanvaljenny.

22 Tweets That Sum Up Your Jewish Summer Camp Experience

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22 Tweets That Sum Up Your Jewish Summer Camp Experience

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