‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Calls For Religious Tolerance In A Dreamy Instagram Pic

Dean Unglert, 25-year-old former (as of Monday night’s episode) “Bachelorette” contestant and verifiable BABE, took to Instagram on Saturday to call for religious tolerance.

For context, last night was the hometown episode of “The Bachelorette,” in which the remaining contestants bring their lady home to meet the fam. While prepping “Bachelorette” protagonist Rachel Lindsay to meet his unorthodox family, Unglert used the term “eccentric” to describe his father. Unglert’s father, who goes by the self-given name of Parumrup (which translates to “divinely beautiful”), is a converted kundalini yogi who adheres to the Sikh faith. Unglert’s choice of words while describing his father’s religious conversion spurred one fan of the show to call him out for associating Sikhism with eccentricity.

Unglert apologized and clarified that he did not mean to equate “eccentricity” with the Sikh faith. And he took it a step further, too, with a dreamy Instagram photograph calling for everyone to be “cognizant and accepting of the millions of people that belong to the Sikh community.”

Unfortunately, Unglert will no longer be competing for “Bachelorette” protagonist Rachel Lindsay’s heart because, after he publicly aired all his family’s dirty laundry in the name of love, she kicked him to the curb.

I guess love hurts — especially the kind that happens on national television.

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‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Calls For Religious Tolerance In A Dreamy Instagram Pic

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