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Hey Everyone, Guess What? ‘Nathan For You’ Is Returning

It’s been two years since “Nathan For You” aired its third season and most of us had given up hope that we would ever again get to watch hapless, well-intentioned entrepreneurs be duped out of a bright future by a man with a fake business degree and a sadistic sense of humor.

But today, Nathan Fielder restored that hope in a single tweet.

It’s pretty bewildering to know there are still business owners out there who haven’t been warned of a man called Nathan whose sole ambition is to destroy small businesses. Perhaps this was the reason for the two-year mysterious break. He was waiting just long enough for people to forget about him before re-entering our lives with a vengeance.

As a person with no intention of ever “creating jobs,” I’m personally thrilled about this news but I can’t imagine it won’t send cold chills up the backbones of people with Etsy shops.

If, like me, you’re anxious for September 28 to get here, bide your time with one of the true hits from last season.

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This story "Hey Everyone, Guess What? ‘Nathan For You’ Is Returning" was written by Becky Scott.

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Hey Everyone, Guess What? ‘Nathan For You’ Is Returning

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