Don’t Blame Macklemore: ‘Nazi Youth Hair’ Is The Preferred Hairstyle Of Pop Stars Nowadays

Yesterday, Twitter went crazy (as it often does in the Trump-era) when Jon Hendren, whose Twitter handle is @fart, made a startling observation:

Yes, you read that right: Macklemore’s haircut is eerily similar to the haircut favored by Nazi youth and today’s khakis and polo-shirt wearing white supremacist neo-Nazis.


@fart’s tweet prompted a response from Macklemore himself. It turns out that Macklemore hasn’t been sporting the ‘do for some time, making @fart’s tweet highly irrelevant:

However, his haircut doesn’t look much better. If anything, the super-shaved-down hair seems even more Nazi-ish:

But Macklemore doesn’t deserve this public beatdown, as he is far from the only pop star who has opted for this so-called “white supremacist” hairstyle.

Indeed, it’s a hairstyle favored by many pop stars and boy band bad boys.

Like Justin Bieber, pre- and post-the numerous scandals that have plagued him in recent years.

At one point, he even had the Aryan locks to match! I mean, this image is just screaming for some Nazi youth comparisons right here.

Or like half of One Direction. Known for their chameleon approach to hair, nearly everyone has had varying degrees of the shaved-sides-and-hair-swoop. Such as Liam Payne:

And Louis Tomlinson:

Even Zayn Malik, whose Pakistani heritage would not make him popular amongst the anti-Muslim white supremacist crowd.

Then there’s Brooklyn Beckham. Though he’s not a pop star himself, he descends from pop royalty Victoria Beckham, the former Posh Spice.

What we’re trying to say is: leave Macklemore alone. It’s not his fault hairstylists to the stars have decided that the Nazi youth ‘do is highly “in” right now.

Michelle Honig is a writer at the Forward. Find her on Instagram and Twitter.

Macklemore’s Nazi Hair Is The Hairstyle Of Pop Stars

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Don’t Blame Macklemore: ‘Nazi Youth Hair’ Is The Preferred Hairstyle Of Pop Stars Nowadays

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