Jewish Wedding Season Is Upon Us: Lauren Conrad, Deadmau5, and Leonard Nimoy’s Son

Crushed glass crunches underfoot, clusters of chuppahs provide an endless solar eclipse, and everyone is a little bit day-drunk: it’s wedding season and the Jews are out in full force. Here are our favorite recent instances of Jews saying “we do.”

Jewish Wedding Inception: Multi-hyphenate famous person Lauren Conrad served in her own wedding planner’s Jewish wedding this weekend. While other publications’ headlines screamed that Conrad walked down the aisle just weeks after the birth of her first child, the Schmooze prefers to focus on Jewish excellence and hashtag excellence. As such, we are excited to report that the Ojai, California union took place between the delightfully Jewishly-named Cassandra Herschenfeld and Benjamin Katz, and that their wedding hashtag was #Twokatzarebetterthanone.

Spawn of Spock Plans Vulcan Nuptials: Leonard Nimoy’s son Adam Nimoy is officially engaged to be married. Now, to this writer, anything done by descendants of the man who angered worldwide Jewry with a titillating book of naked women posing with ritual objects is newsworthy. But to sweeten the deal, Nimoy is marrying another trekkie, Terry Farrell, who played Jadzia Dax in Star Treck: Deep Space Nine. If you are guessing that we’re about to say that we hope that they have long and prosperous lives together, you are quite correct.

Mouse-like Jewish DJ Has Predictably Insane Wedding To A Woman Named “Grill”: Popular EDM artist Deadmau5 (“Dead mouse”), known to his friends as Joel Zimmerman, married Kelly “Grill” Fedoni earlier this month in a shiny metallic suit in front of columns of flames.

Andy Cohen’s Dad Does Starbucks Schidduch: Earlier this month, the New York Times Vows section reported on the marriage of Jewish sportscaster Benjamin Hochman and “human exclamation point” Angela LaRocca, whose courtship story features Lou Cohen, deep-cut “Seinfeld” references, and “Billy Madison” reenactments. It is so cute you have to read it to believe it.

Jenny Singer is a writer for the Forward. You can reach her at or on Twitter @jeanvaljenny

Wedding Time For Lauren Conrad Deadmau5 and Adam Nimoy

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Jewish Wedding Season Is Upon Us: Lauren Conrad, Deadmau5, and Leonard Nimoy’s Son

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