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Ivanka Trump Doesn’t Know What The Word ‘Otherwise’ Means

Yesterday, Ivanka Trump found time in her busy schedule of explaining how she has no obligation to be moral and her work helping to end equal pay efforts, to throw subtle shade at her baby nephew.

Listen: not everyone likes cuddling. But you can just pretend to get a phone call and then sneak out quietly! You can fake an emergency. You can say “here’s lookin’ at you, kid,” do finger guns, and leave. You don’t have to take to the internet.

Is criticizing this photo catty?


Is it as catty as helping your father become president of the United States of America on your platform of women’s rights and then taking away women’s rights?


Yes, Ivanka looks beautiful like if Bambi had an Instagram and a formfitting blouse.

Yes, the baby she’s holding is cute enough to heal the wounds that threaten to turn septic and leave America a rotting corpse.

Yes, she appears to have commissioned a full-scale reproduction of Versailles to have this photo taken in, and that speaks of her commitment to aesthetics.

But still, essentially, she is doing this to that baby:

Shanah tovah to Ivanka, baby Luke, and everyone at the Whitehouse. May it be a sweet, meaningful, and otherwise healthcare-accessible year.

Jenny Singer is a writer for the Forward. You can reach her at or on Twitter @jeanvaljenny

This story "Ivanka Trump misused “otherwise” in a Luke Trump tweet" was written by Jenny Singer.

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Ivanka Trump Doesn’t Know What The Word ‘Otherwise’ Means

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