I Fixed the Headlines On Ivanka Trump’s Revamped Website So She Wouldn’t Have To

Hide your kids, hide your husband – Ivanka Trump’s website just got a makeover. Despite Twitter’s best attempt to shame her into hiding, the president’s daughter continues to promote her brand.

The Schmooze, however, noticed a disconnect between Trump’s professional brand and the brand she has created for herself inadvertently as the complicit daughter of the man who’s probably going to get us all killed – but not before he takes away all of our human rights!

So we went ahead and fixed it, free of charge:

Ask for the Raise You Deserve but Won’t Get Because You’re a Woman

Find Happiness at Work and Home Despite the Constant Fear that My Father Is Going to Start World War III on Twitter at Any Moment

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5 Tips For Staying Calm and Collected at Work if ICE Shows Up to Deport You Despite the Fact that You Were Born in This Country and It’s the Only Home You’ve Ever Known

6 Tips for Writing a Government Email on Your Private Server that Actually Gets Opened by the Russian Spy it was Intended for

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How to Overcome Burnout From Protesting All the Rights My Father Is Giddily Stripping From You

Becky Scott is the editor of The Schmooze. Follow her on Twitter, @arr_scott

I Fixed the Headlines On Ivanka Trump’s Website For Her

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I Fixed the Headlines On Ivanka Trump’s Revamped Website So She Wouldn’t Have To

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