It’s Officially #WomenBoycottTwitter Day On The Internet

If your Twitter feed seems to be a bit quieter than it usually is, that’s probably because you follow a lot of women (and a lot of men who support them). Friday has officially been declared #WomenBoycottTwitter day, 24 hours of silence from women and their allies in recognition of sexual assault survivors.

The action is also in protest of Twitter’s suspension of actress Rose McGowan’s account after she spent several days using the platform to call out many in Hollywood for contributing to a culture that silences victims of sexual assault. Twitter has since reinstated McGowan’s account and explained that she had been suspended for posting a private phone number, which is a violation of the platform’s rules.

Not everyone is on board with the boycott. Many believe it is an action that benefits only white feminists.

Others are critical of an action that promotes the silencing of women.

McGowan is among many women who has accused Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood executive, of sexual assault.

Becky Scott is the editor of The Schmooze. Follow her on Twitter, @arr_scott

It’s #WomenBoycottTwitter Day On The Internet

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It’s Officially #WomenBoycottTwitter Day On The Internet

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