Married ‘Alt-Right’ Activist Jack Prosobiec Banned From Feminist Dating App

What’s on a dating app? Men holding fish they’ve murdered. Men promising they will never reveal your shared shameful secret meeting place (a dating app). Men who don’t speak English — or any other human language.

And, for a brief time, on a dating app was an “alt-right” conspiracist named Jack Prosobiec who is best known for the massive spread during the 2016 elections of the theory that major democrats were running a child-sex ring out of several Washington, DC restaurants. The fake-news storm culminated in an attempted shooting at the pizza parlor in question by a social media user who had believed the story.

Prosobiec was kicked off popular feminist dating app Bumble yesterday, after a user posted the “alt-right”-er’s photo to social media, asking why a married Nazi would be allowed on a feminist dating platform. Bumble, which was founded by Jewish entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe, who was also instrumental in peer app Tinder’s genesis, responded swiftly, banning Prosobiec and thanking the user who reported him.

After Bumble user Lindsey Ledford tweeted her complaint about Prosobiec, a representative for the app contacted her and asked her for more proof that Prosobiec violates the company’s standards. Ledford pointed out that Prosobiec not only spread debunked claims about child trafficking, but also that he is known for antics like planting a “rape-Melania” sign at an anti-Trump rally.

The Bumble twitter account responded directly to Ledford, announcing that Prosobiec had been banned from the platform.

Prosobiec, who is married, told several media outlets that the Bumble profile did not belong to him, telling Mashable, “I have a hot European wife, as everyone knows.” However, Bumble confirmed to reporters that the profile in question is linked directly to Prosobiec’s verified Facebook page.

Prosobiec maintains that the account is counterfeit, and has tweeted that he will be reporting it to the FBI.

Jenny Singer is a writer for the Forward. You can reach her at or on Twitter @jeanvaljenny

Pizzagate ‘Alt-Right’ Jack Prosobiec Banned From Bumble

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Married ‘Alt-Right’ Activist Jack Prosobiec Banned From Feminist Dating App

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