Yearning For Spring? Cinq Á Sept Brings A Maypole To A Decadent Tea Party Presentation

Designer: Cinq á Sept
Date: Thursday, February 8, 2018
Location: Cotillon Room at the Pierre Hotel
Jewish? Founder Jane Siskin is Jewish.

What does the ‘woman of leisure’ wear to brunch in 2018? Silk, velvet, brocade and fur — lots and lots of fur.

It may seem incongruous to have such an unapologetically luxurious collection, presented in the glamorous Cotillion Room at the Pierre Hotel, while countries like Syria are in turmoil and our country’s capital has become a hotbed of scandal as more and more white house officials drop like flies.

But sometimes, some over-the-top glamour becomes the perfect escape. Especially when that escape involves a tea party featuring tarts, sandwiches and biscuits. (Contrary to popular belief, fashion editors do eat and they love to be fed, which may or may not influence the positivity of this review).

There was a femininity and an effortlessness to the Cinq a Sept collection — enabling the aforementioned woman of leisure to wear her clothes to bed. And then, in the morning, to roll out of bed looking perfectly glamorous and luxe (the models’ hair were perfectly tousled).

There were some interesting notes; like the bra and bustier-as-outerwear with silk straps that hung languidly over silk tops or open knit fitted sweaters. The boudoir vibe was especially apparent in the pleated asymmetrical high waisted skirts and sheer tulle tops and dresses, but the messaging got lost with a one shoulder fire engine red mini-dress that seemed better suited for the club than nibbling on petit fours.

But as the models gathered into the center of the room, each clutching a different colored ribbon around a maypole, it almost didn’t matter — for a brief moment, the world and all its problems were forgotten, and you could be forgiven for giving in to the glamour of it all, finding beauty and hope embedded in every pleat and every ruffle as the models twirled under the muted light of the ballroom’s chandelier.

Michelle Honig is the style writer at the Forward. Contact her at Find her on Instagram and Twitter.

This story "Yearning For Spring? Cinq Á Sept Brings A Maypole To A Decadent Tea Party Presentation" was written by Michelle Honig.

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Yearning For Spring? Cinq Á Sept Brings A Maypole To A Decadent Tea Party Presentation

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