Daniel Craig Blames Jewish Food For Weight Gain

How do you get James Bond to marry you? Look like Rachel Weisz. How do you get James Bond to stay married to you? Fatten him up with some classic Jewish cuisine.

This appears to be Rachel Weisz’s strategy, judging from Craig’s figure at the BAFTA Awards this past weekend. The actor, famous for playing the devastatingly attractive James Bond, appeared to have taken some time off from what I assume is a rigid fitness routine. The Internet masses couldn’t help themselves (they can never, literally never, not once help themselves) — everybody had an opinion on Daniel Craig’s new dad bod.

Most of the opinions look like this:

According to the Daily Mail, Daniel Craig’s weight gain is due to the Jewish food of Harry Morgan’s restaurant, a favorite of Rachel Weisz and the place Craig has reportedly been scarfing down salt beef and sauerkraut.

Of course, it could be that one of the Kardashians let slip to Craig how lucrative ad deals with diet pill companies are.

Either way, I hope every perfect latke will have been worth the thousands of sit ups awaiting Craig in his near future.

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Daniel Craig Got Fat From Jewish Food

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Daniel Craig Blames Jewish Food For Weight Gain

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