Jonah Hill’s Grandfather May Have Dated Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Everybody! Everybody. Take a deep breath, make sure you have a light nosh on hand, affix your favorite collar, and pray that you’ll survive this announcement:

According to “Lady Bird” star and America’s newest sweetheart Beanie Feldstein, who also happens to be the sister of comedian Jonah Hill and the childhood best friend of Broadway star Ben Platt … Ruth Bader Ginsburg once dated Hill and Feldstein’s grandfather.

If there is a God, God is plotzing right now.

It all makes sense…the current Supreme Court Justice attended East Midwood Synagogue in Brooklyn and went to Jewish summer camp. The Hill/Feldstein parents grew up in Long Island and summered in the Catskills. Jonah Hill, Beanie Feldstein, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg all have that perfect combination of raw talent and Swiss watch-like comic timing. Why, one wonders, did Ginsburg not marry Beanie and Jonah’s grandfather, and merge spectacular gene pools? As Platt immediately tweeted in response to the news: “What.”

Jonah, Beanie, Ruth, and Ben, please never stop astounding us with tidbits of historical intrigue and Jewishly romantic drama.


Jenny Singer is a writer for the Forward. You can reach her at or on Twitter @jeanvaljenny

Jonah Hill’s grandpa maybe dated Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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Jonah Hill’s Grandfather May Have Dated Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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