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Bottom’s Up: The Forward Presents A Passover Seder Drinking Game

Mud-drenched snow clumps are melting on the sidewalks, drugstores are filled with pastel candy, and the smell of aging hardboiled eggs is already in the air, and that can mean only one thing — it’s time for Passover. The Passover seder is over a dozen specific steps disguised as a festive meal that is no doubt the brain child of history’s most obsessive compulsive Rabbis. Luckily, it does mandate drinking four cups of that sweet, sweet fruit of the vine. Once again, we present the Forward Passover Seder Drinking Game, now in its second edition. You can do it with wine, you can do it with grape juice, but either way, get ready to drink up.

Take a sip of your drink…

-If someone at your seder says, “How can we even be talking about freedom this year?”

-If you hear someone say something like either “Trump is the real plague!” or “The left is truly enslaving us!”

-If the kid doing the four questions stumbles over “ayn anu matbilin

-If you are under 25 and someone asks you when you’re going to grad school

-If you are under 30 and someone asks you a question that means “Are you totally alone in life?”

-If you’re over 60 and someone under 30 blames your generation for the state of the world

-If a man references the #MeToo movement to talk about how we were “all” slaves in Egypt

-If the main dish has not been served by 9pm

-If you make it through one entire serving of gefilte fish

-If you hear a comment like “the youth will bring peace to this country” in the same five minutes as a criticism of millennials

-If it takes you more than 10 seconds to identify the food you’re eating

-If a man who is not the host helps with something cooking or cleaning-related

-If another Seder guest has a slow meltdown over whether or not Mark Zuckerberg can be considered a credit to the Jewish people, take a shot.

Jenny Singer is a writer for the Forward. You can reach her at or on Twitter @jeanvaljenny

This story "A passover seder drinking game for four cups of wine." was written by Jenny Singer.

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Bottom’s Up: The Forward Presents A Passover Seder Drinking Game

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