Arielle Charnas of ‘Something Navy’ Shares The Gory Details of Childbirth

If your fandom for Something Navy’s Arielle Charnas spans back as far as mine has, then you’ve probably impatiently awaited the birth of her second daughter, Esme. When that day finally arrived, and news broke out via her famed Instagram account (obviously,) both the fashion sphere and the Jewish sphere rejoiced.

We welcomed one more cute baby to the social media world this week, to join other celeb little ones we follow incessantly. We were hoping the momma of two wouldn’t spare any details.

And fortunately for us, she told her viewers everything.

In a visceral public post on her blog, Charnas chronicles baby Esme’s birth story. The fashion blogger, who launched her first collection with Nordstrom last fall, has always been an inspiration to all women by speaking candidly on social media about her struggles. For some time, we knew that her baby was traverse, which, she explains, is when the infant is lying sideways as opposed to facing downwards. After trying mild exercises like bouncing on a medicine ball and swimming laps in the pool (both moxibustion enhancers,) her doctor saw no change in the baby’s position.

As is so often the case, the 31 year-old fashion mogul planned and God laughed.

Charnas went into labor unexpectedly — sans hospital baby-bag, which I could only assume was filled with chic goodies (do they make Louis Vuitton diaper bags yet?) “I texted my mom to let her know what was happening but that it definitely wasn’t labor and to please just enjoy her party and I’ll keep her updated,” she wrote on her blog. In true Jewish-mother form, her mom ran into the room crying because she completely missed the birth.

Charnas then goes on to describe the nausea and pressure during her contractions, and that the worst pain she endured was actually from gas-pockets during her first day post-birth. After a C section delivery, (her first, with baby Ruby Lou, was a vaginal delivery), she says she said, “My sisters couldn’t get over the fact that I had a full face of makeup on (eyeliner and mascara that is,) and because you’re not pushing and sweating like you would during a vaginal delivery, everything stayed in place haha!”

We’re happy to report that baby Esme is happy and healthy. In the meantime, we’ll keep refreshing our Instagrams to hear the latest updates.

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Arielle Charnas of ‘Something Navy’ Welcomes Baby Esme

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Arielle Charnas of ‘Something Navy’ Shares The Gory Details of Childbirth

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