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‘I’m Terribly Sorry:’ Seth Rogen Apologizes for Using Blackface for Movie

As if Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg making a movie about children wasn’t risky enough, the buddy-collaborators are now in hot water for using black face on an actor on set.

Rogen has apologized after footage of his upcoming film “Good Boys” showed a stand-in for a black child actor wearing skin-darkening makeup and an afro-imitating wig. IndieWire reports that though the stand-in himself was black, he was put in blackface makeup and a complaint was filed to producers. One DP commented to IndieWire that stand-ins should share coloring with the actors they represent, and that where disparities appear, lighting should be enough to counterbalance them. “I personally would never ask for someone to be made up in a darker tone,” the DP said.

Rogen told IndieWire in a statement:

What do we think, Schmoozers? In our opinion, this is a solidly great apology. The High Holidays are coming up, so we’re getting in a forgiving mood, which is good because a lot of people have done things to be sorry for this year.

Also “Good Boys” is being directed by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, writers of some of the best episodes of “The Office,” so we are very hopeful that this movie will be gold.

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‘I’m Terribly Sorry:’ Seth Rogen Apologizes for Using Blackface for Movie

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