‘Northern Exposure,’ 39-Time Emmy Nominee, Is Being Revived By CBS

“Charlie’s Angels” — two reboots.

“Spiderman,” which, respectfully, is a story about a man who is also a spider: three reboots.

“The Dukes of Hazard” — a little surprising it was made at all.

In the great age of reboots, when all of us are careful to never recycle plastics, only ideas, it is only just that one of the greatest and most underrated TV shows of all time is receiving the Hollywood treatment.

“Northern Exposure,” which aired for six seasons on CBS, is set to be revived on the same network, starring Rob Morrow in his original role as Jewish doctor Joel Fleischman. He will executive produce, and “Sex and the City” star John Corbett will also produce but may not star. Creators of the original show, Josh Brand and John Falsey, as well as Ben Silverman, will executive produce.

It is impossible to overstate the radical charm of the 1990s CBS comedy “Northern Exposure,” which saw a neurotic Jewish doctor forced to move to a rural Alaskan town featuring a gem-like ensemble comedy to rival that of “The Office.” The 39-time Emmy nominated comedy show cast an unprecedented number of Native American actors, though we hope that the reboot value those characters equal to the white characters.

Yahoo News reports that the series will pick up in the present, as Dr. Fleischman (likely grown even surlier with age,) returns to the town of Cicely for an old friend’s funeral. Starting a comedy with a funeral — it’s deliciously, morbidly Jewish.

Forget the story of the pilgrims and Native Americans, and get ready to give thanks for thoughtful stories about people determined to coexist respectfully despite real differences. Because ultimately, all of us want to watch people fling things:

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‘Northern Exposure’ Revival Is Happening

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‘Northern Exposure,’ 39-Time Emmy Nominee, Is Being Revived By CBS

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