Twitter’s newest meme has Jews sharing their (least) favorite “spots”

Twitter’s newest trend is a twisted travel game for the quarantine era.

It’s the “I know a spot” meme: people suggest a “cool” place to go, which turns out to be a destination you don’t want to visit. For example:

Meme-tracking website “Know Your Meme” traced “I know a spot” to a June 22 tweet mocking unimaginative date spots. Just eight days later, everyone on Twitter wants to take you somewhere. People are using the meme to heap adoration on their favorite K-pop stars, take unsubtle potshots at ex-partners and, of course, remind followers to stay home:

It should come as no surprise that the Internet’s Jews know a lot of spots and are very insistent you go to all of them, right now. Here’s a selection of their best suggestions.

These (in)famous Biblical locales.

The 20th-century socialist movement.

The ubiquitous 1990s bathroom couches.

An empty, cry-ready sanctuaries.

The vestibule of your synagogue — not to be missed!

And if you’re single, you’re obviously not going anywhere else.

Your mom’s favorite destination.

No explanation of this spot needed.

The basement where they’re keeping the menorah (if you don’t understand this tweet, read this immediately).

His mother’s house — no matter where you go, you’ll always come back.

Irene Katz Connelly is an editorial fellow at the Forward. You can contact her at

Jews sharing favorite “spots” with new Twitter meme

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Twitter’s newest meme has Jews sharing their (least) favorite “spots”

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