A special delivery from Paul Rudd helps Brooklyn voters brave the rain

This election season, the wait to vote can make midsummer Disneyworld lines look like a picnic. So by now, you probably know to bring a snack (or a meal, or several) if you’re planning to cast your ballot in person.

But if you forget, Paul Rudd might have one for you.

On Thursday, the ‘Ant Man’ star braved some nasty weather to hand out cookies to voters waiting outside Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

“I want to thank you for coming out and voting and doing your part,” a masked Rudd told a group of effusive Brooklynites in a video posted to Twitter.

The current election season has broken early voting records, and the uptick of Americans eager to do their civic duty has led to crowding at polling places. Many New Yorkers reported waiting hours to cast their ballots.

With this mitzvah, Rudd continues his long track record of proving he deserves his ageless face. But Twitter users had one crucial question: What kind of cookies?

Closer inspection of the many Paul Rudd selfies to appear on Twitter this afternoon confirmed the star didn’t skimp. The cookies he handed out appeared to be from the iconic New York bakery Milk Bar. Though one recipient reported that Rudd tried to give her a corn cookie (yuck), we can confirm that more palatable flavors, including blueberries-and-cream, were among the offerings.

Aside from providing sustenance to voters, Rudd dished out a much-needed lesson to his fellow celebs: If you feel moved to comfort the weary American populace, don’t put out slapdash covers of John Lennon songs. Just give them cookies.

Irene Katz Connelly is an editorial fellow at the Forward. You can contact her at connelly@forward.com. Follow her on Twitter at @katz_conn.

Paul Rudd hands out cookies to Brooklyn voters

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A special delivery from Paul Rudd helps Brooklyn voters brave the rain

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