Abigail Pogrebin

Abigail Pogrebin

Abigail Pogrebin has become a rare voice among American Jews, as a journalist and an explorer who shares with refreshing wit and candor her path to finding a meaningful Jewish life. A former producer for 60 Minutes and Charlie Rose, author of “Stars of David: Prominent Jews Talk About Being Jewish,” “One and the Same,” and “Showstopper,” she has her own interview series at The JCC in Manhattan and was a co-author of Newsweek’s annual Top Rabbis list.

'We Did More Than Just Survive'

Every year, congregations read out the names of the 6 million Jews killed during the Holocaust. A theater performance reminds Abigail Pogrebin that survivors aren’t defined by that one experience.

Getting Memory Right: Preparing for Yom HaShoah

Tonight, for Yom HaShoah, Abigail Pogrebin will go to a Manhattan synagogue and read aloud the names of strangers. It’s one way she struggles to honor the Holocaust.

A (Third) Seder of Her Own

Abigail Pogrebin grew up attending the ‘original’ Feminist Seder with luminaries like Gloria Steinem and Bella Abzug. Invited back to the 40th Seder, she went to revisit a Passover tradition.

A Seder Shouldn't be Flat as Matzo — Try This at Home

There’s no excuse for a boring Seder — the story is too dramatic. So, why do Jews breeze through the service every year? Abigail Pogrebin offers a guide to making Passover memorable for all.

Vashti's song - "I'm Done Dressing Up"

Thanks to Rabbi Burt Visotzky for sending this great track from Girls in Trouble.

Mirth and Melancholy: My Purim Experience

Struck by the unbound giddiness of Purim, Abigail Pogrebin asks: How can the so-called ‘People of the Book’ simultaneously be the ‘People of the Party’?