Alison Klayman

Family Time: Julian Grant (second from left, with partner Peter Lighte) says that his family minted their own ?Sino Judaica? with the bat mitzvahs of their daughters Tillie (far left) and Hattie.

The Bat Mitzvah Tutor of Beijing

Alison Klayman was the bat mitzvah tutor of Beijing. In her four years in China, she coached five remarkable young Jewish women as they came of age.

Jewish Angle in Chinese Dissident’s Struggle

Filmmaker Alison Klayman was rattled when asked why she made ‘Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry.’ Then she realized the dissident is a Chinese version of the quintessential Jewish outsider.

Holy Trip: Around 75 people traveled to the Dra?a area for the yearly ritual.

Moroccan Tradition

As our rundown Mercedes puttered past the olive groves and wheat fields of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, our taxi driver, Mohammed, pulled off the dirt road to ask a shepherd for directions.

GROUP EFFORT: Young Jews worked together to put up a rooftop Sukkah in Beijing.

Moishe House: Building in Beijing

My roommates and I built the only rooftop sukkah in Beijing, 16 floors above the traffic on Second Ring Road, overlooking Sinopec headquarters and the small Olympic park next door. It was a true Chinese sukkah — made in part with PVC pipes and metal wire from a local construction market — and we were nervous that our neighbors would assume we were building some kind of permanent structure and report us to the Public Security Bureau.