Anna Goldenberg

Anna Goldenberg

Anna Goldenberg is the Forward’s culture fellow.

She edited the annual special sections on genetics and philanthropy in 2014. Anna holds degrees from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and the University of Cambridge. Born and bred in Vienna, Anna is a columnist for the Austrian alt-weekly Falter and the science magazine profil wissen. Her writing has appeared in ZEITmagazin, Die Presse, profil and Aufbau, among others.

Follow her on Twitter @angoldna.

Beauty in Chicago: Andy Warhol's "Liz" (1963) was part of Stefan Edlis' donation to the Art Institute of Chicago.

Holocaust Survivor Donates Art Worth $500M to Chicago Museum

Several Pop art works are now part of the collection of the Chicago Art Institute — thanks to 90-year-old Jewish industrialist Stefan Edlis.

Horror Hits Home: Producer and uncredited director Steven Spielberg (far left) on the set of 'Poltergeist' with director Tobe Hooper, actors James Karen and Craig T. Nelson in 1982.

Close Encounters of the Steven Spielberg Kind in Arizona

Ever notice that suburbia and science fiction star in Steven Spielberg’s movies? That’s partly because the filmmaker spent his teenage years in Phoenix, Arizona.

Exiled Twice: Frederic Morton, the author of twelve books, in 2013.

Frederic Morton, Author and Viennese-in-Exile, Dies at 90

Born Fritz Mandelbaum in Vienna, Frederic Morton escaped to New York and came to fame writing about the country that expelled him.

Fighting For ‘Austria’s Mona Lisa’: Lawyer Randol Schoenberg (Ryan Reynolds) with Maria Altmann (Helen Mirren) and journalist Hubertus Czernin (Daniel Bruhl) during a hearing in Vienna.

All That’s ‘Gold’ Does Not Always Glitter

‘Woman in Gold’ uses every single cliché about Vienna, the Nazis and intergenerational friendship. But Anna Goldenberg writes it will leave at least you craving Sacher torte.

‘The Cobbler’: After Leon Ludlow (Method Man) drops off his shoes, Max Simkin (Adam Sandler), a disillusioned Lower East Side cobbler, discovers a magical stitching machine in his basement.

Here's Who Should Watch 'The Cobbler'

‘The Cobbler,’ in which Adam Sandler stars as a Jewish cobbler with magical powers, received dismal reviews. Perhaps that’s because it hasn’t found its audience.

The Next Generation: Naomi Firestone-Teeter (right), who joined the Jewish Book Council in 2006, will succeed Carolyn Starman Hessel (left) as director.

New Director of Jewish Book Council Announced

The Forward has learned that Naomi Firestone-Teeter will be the new director of the Jewish Book Council.

'When Blood Ran Red' Drama Wins Playwriting Prize

Montreal-based Ben Gonshor won the first-ever The David and Clare Rosen Memorial Play Contest for his historical drama “When Blood Ran Red.”

Handing Down a Tradition: The attendees of Descendants’ Day honored the memories of their ancestors who belonged to the shul nearly one century ago.

Boston’s Vilna Shul Connects Present With the Past

A defunct synagogue in Boston tries to revive its community — by finding the descendants of its founding members who immigrated from Lithuania. Does it have a ghost of a chance?

Boys Will Be Boys? Allen Kurzweil (bottom row, far left) and his bully, Cesar Augustus (fourth row, far left) shared rooms in a dormitory of Aiglon College, a Swiss boarding school, in 1971.

How My Bully Went to Prison

Have you ever wondered what has become of your childhood bully? Allen Kurzweil did — and found a story of fraud, lies, and precious little redemption.

Yiddish Beginnings: Leonard Nimoy (right), who played Mr. Spock in the TV-series “Star Trek,” grew up in the West End of Boston.

Of Brandeis, Mr. Spock and 10 Other Facts About Jewish Massachusetts

Massachusetts is home to 4% of the country’s Jewish population and 4% of the state is Jewish. Here’s what else you might not know about the Bay State — starting with Leonard Nimoy.