Arthur Waskow

Rabbi Arthur Waskow writes about how important it is for Jews to avoid insulting others with racial epithets like ?shvartze.? After all, we were once the target of such abuse and discrimination in the Old Country.

'Shvartze' and Why We Should Know Better

Rabbi Arthur Waskow recounted his grandmother’s reaction when fellow Jews used ‘shvartze’ to describe blacks. The old lady recalled that the anti-Semites called her names in Europe, too.

Wake-Up Call: The biblical destruction spawned by Sandy is sending all of us a clear message about climate change.

Sandy Sends Biblical Message About Climate

Sandy has sent an unmistakable biblical message about climate change. May the great storm teach us now to create a hurricane of social change, writes Arthur Waskow.

The Wrong Answer to the Iraq War

If you are a Jew who believes that the American government’s invasion and occupation of Iraq has been a terrible ethical and practical misdeed, you now find yourself walking amid landmines.There is a broad spectrum of organizations that opposed the invasion of Iraq and is working to end the American military presence there. Many of these

Brickner Maintained Commitment to Social Justice

I am deeply saddened by the death last week of Rabbi Balfour Brickner.For two generations — as a pulpit rabbi in Washington, founding the staunchly liberal/progressive Temple Sinai, then on the national staff of the Reform movement, then as a pulpit rabbi again for New York City’s Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, and since his retirement thence,

What If the Biblical Ruth Came to America?

If the biblical Ruth came to America today, what would happen? In the biblical story, Ruth was welcomed onto the fields of Boaz, where she gleaned what the regular harvesters had left behind. Boaz made sure that even this despised foreigner had a decent job at decent pay. When she went one night to the barn where the barley

Thou Shalt Not Revile the Judges

Several politicians have spent the past month insulting my religious beliefs and the religious beliefs of millions of Americans. What’s far worse, they are trying to impose their own religion on us by imposing it on lifetime federal judges.No, they didn’t call for the outlawing of Judaism or Unitarianism or Methodism. But they are trying