Carol Ungar

Mom Told Strangers Her Holocaust Secret — But Not Me

Carol Ungar’s mother let Steven Spielberg record her Holocaust story, but forbade her family to watch the film until after her death. What dark secret was she hiding?

My Inner Psalm Reader

The Psalms of David are background music in Jerusalem. But they weren’t when Carol Ungar was growing up in mid-20th-century New York.

The Angel in Aaron

Aaron, a 30-year-old man who survived a brain tumor, was a difficult guest in Carol Ungar’s home. But then a near-tragedy in her family made her cherish his presence.

Swing Low: An ultra-Orthodox man in Jerusalem performs the pre-Yom Kippur rite of swinging a chicken.

Swinging the Chicken for the First Time

Carol Ungar explains what happens when she came face-to-face with the ritual of chicken-swinging. Luckily, her soul was cleansed, and the chicken didn’t do anything untoward.