Dina Kraft

In Israel, Geography Dictates Mood

Just as in the summer of 2006, when the northern part of the country huddled in bomb shelters during the Second Lebanon War and the rest of the country carried on with its business, the war in Gaza has come that affects Israelis — at least in part — according to geography.

Religious Zionists Grieve After Terror Strikes Community’s Heart

The one with glasses and a wide smile was the brother of a friend, the one with blue eyes and side curls the son of another.

Crowds Confront Soldiers

The soldier with a honey-colored ponytail tucked under her hat was surrounded Tuesday by weeping teenage girls in Neve Dekalim asking her where her Jewish heart was — but she didn’t flinch.“How can you evacuate my grandmother? She was in the Palmach,” said one teary-eyed girl, referring to the elite Jewish militia that fought

Settlers Find New Place To Settle

NITZAN, Israel — Shlomi Tabach, a resident of Gush Katif for 16 years, was trying to pry the bronze mezuzah off his front doorpost with pliers, but it wouldn’t budge.His mother-in-law quipped: “Look at that: The mezuzah doesn’t want to leave. It wants to stay in Gush Katif.”With one more yank, the mezuzah finally came off.The family left

Mayor Virtually Assured of Jewish Agency Job

JERUSALEM — Ze’ev Bielski, mayor of the Tel Aviv suburb of Ra’anana, can be seen in the mornings opening car doors for school children, ushering them toward their classrooms with a smile.Now Bielski, 58, may be heading to one of the most powerful offices in the Jewish world: chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel. With an annual budget

Radio Riddler Delights (and Stumps) Israeli Listeners

The clock in the wood-paneled radio booth counts down the minutes to 8 a.m. The intro music is cued, and Dan Chamizer is once again on the air.He’s got another clue for his listeners from all across Israel who are desperate to solve his latest riddle. After several days, the prize has climbed to $23,000. None of the thousands who call Israel