Don Snyder

German Paper Speaks Out Against Anti-Semitism

Bild, the largest circulation paper in Germany Friday called on Germans to raise their voices against anti-Semitism. A banner headline said: “Nie Wieder Juden-Hass (Never Again Jew Hatred).

Germany Warns Against Hate Speech After Imam Calls To 'Destroy the Zionist Jews'

Germany is vowing to clamp down on public anti-Semitic language, responding to recent demonstrations and speeches in which protesters called for death to Jews.

Stubborn Hate: Decades after the Holocaust, many Poles hold strongly anti-Semitic views, a new poll shows.

Poland Poll Reveals Stubborn Anti-Semitism Amid Jewish Revival Hopes

63% of Poles say Jews control international banking and media — and many believe other canards. What does a new poll say about Poland’s hoped-for Jewish revival?

Meet Margot Friedlander, Berlin's Unlikely 92-Year-Old Jewish Celebrity

By moving back to Berlin three years ago, Margot Friedlander, a 92-year-old Holocaust survivor, has become an unlikely celebrity in the land where she was once persecuted.

Berlin?s Neue Synagoge

Berlin Court Orders City To Issue Funds to Berlin’s Jewish Communal Umbrella

A court in Berlin ruled today that the city must pay the city’s state-funded Jewish community, its annual subsidy, according to wire reports.

German Parliament Passes Anti-Semitism Measure

The German Bundestag today approved a resolution vowing to combat anti-Semitism and support Jewish life in Germany, and to deepen the country’s special relationship with Israel.

Two Faces: Poles turned out to commemorate the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. But a new poll shows stubbornly high levels of anti-Semitism.

Half of Polish Students Don't Want Jewish Neighbor

A new poll of Polish high school students showed shockingly high levels of anti-Semitism. Forty-four percent of Warsaw high school students don’t want a Jewish neighbor.

Struggle and Pain: The searing story of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising is first and foremost one of Jewish pain and resilience. So why does Poland want to put a monument to so-called righteous gentiles on the site of the old ghetto?

Poland Plans Monument to Righteous Gentiles on Site of Warsaw Ghetto

Poland wants to honor righteous gentiles on the site of the Warsaw Ghetto. As the 70th anniversary of the uprising nears, some say that’s not the time or place for such a monument.

Germans Mull Revamped Holocaust Education Plan

Germany’s parliament is considering a review of education programs in its schools after receiving a government commissioned report showing that anti-Semitism in the country remains at disturbingly high levels.

German Gov't Drafts Bill Allowing Circumcision

BERLIN—Germany’s Ministry of Justice has presented a draft law to permit circumcisions by doctors and mohels in response to uncertainty about the procedure fueled by a Cologne court’s ban on the procedure.