Elana Sztokman

Israel's Police Sexual Harassment Problem

Long considered one of the country’s most sexist institutions, Israel’s police force is finally taking charges of sexual misconduct seriously writes Elana Sztokman.

Baking Challah As a Feminist Act

What sparked Elana Sztokman’s newfound desire to learn how to bake challah? Haviva Ner David’s new book challenging traditional Jewish gender roles at home.

A Political Tipping Point for Ultra-Orthodox Women?

Feminist scholar and activist Elana Sztokman argues that the newly formed Haredi women’s party is just the most recent example of the feminist revolution taking place in the ultra-Orthodox world.

Unlikely Orthodox Superstar Finds Her Voice

On Israel’s version of American Idol, a 30-year-old mother of four became a sensation after revealing that she had stopped singing for 10 years because of religion.

Where Are the Women Leaders in Wartime?

Israeli and Palestinian women are pushing to implement a UN resolution that takes their voices into account in future negotiations.

Israel's 'Men's Only' Bomb Shelters

A ‘men’s only’ bomb shelter in the Israeli town of Ashdod refused to admit a female Knesset aide. She went instead to a women’s shelter — but it offered no protection against rockets.

Teens' Funeral Changed Israeli Youth Forever

Elana Sztokman felt old at the funeral for Israel’s slain teens, a massive gathering dominated by Jewish adolescents. What will they take away from this formative event?

Before Hope Was Lost: A rally in Tel Aviv for the kidnapped boys on June 29, a night before their bodies were discovered.

A Kidnapping That Made Israel Into One Family

The death of the kidnapped boys has released a sigh of collective grief in Israel, writes Elana Sztokman. It’s a joint response to a tragedy that transformed the country into one family.

Orthodox Feminists Are Not Conservatives in Disguise

It’s a common refrain that Orthodox feminists just want to be like Conservatives. But many Orthodox women just want the gender dynamics of their faith to change.

'Lean In,' Orthodox Style

Inspired by Sheryl Sandberg, Elana Sztokman calls for “Lean In” circles for Orthodox women as a way of acclimating the community to female leadership.