Elissa Strauss

Elissa Strauss

Elissa Strauss

With That Very First Cut, the Child Is Tamed

Elissa Strauss found the experience of cutting her 2-1/2-year-old son’s hair for the first time left her strangely despondent, as if she was taming his essential wildness.

Thanks for Passover, Mom

Our survey looking into who makes Passover happen finds it’s mostly thanks to women. Read your Seder stories and a full breakdown of the poll about how the work gets done.

Strauss’s son helps her get ready for the seder

The Elusive Search for the Ideal Seder

Elissa Strauss always thought there was some ideal Seder that she could eventually attain. But this year she’s decided that that isn’t what the holiday is about.

Who's Making the Matzo Balls?

Is Passover still women’s work? The first installment of our ‘Who Sets the Table?’ series is about to find out —  with a little help from you and your personal holiday stories.

In the Cheder: Debate is good in Judaism, but there is also a place for right answers.

The Value of Shutting Up and Listening

We live at a time that does not value teachers as bearers of special knowledge, writes Elissa Strauss. But we need to recapture that quality if we ever hope to connect with Jewish learning.

What's So Wrong About Cameron Diaz's Jewish Wedding?

When word spread about Cameron Diaz’s Jewish-inspired wedding, some celebrated. But others see a danger in celebrities cherry-picking our traditions.

Someone To Look Up To: Feminist icons like Gloria Steinem gave girls a path forward.

Looking for My Gloria Steinem or Bella Abzug

Elissa Strauss didn’t realize when she was young that all her role models were men. She wants to know why no one taught her about Gloria Steinem or Bella Abzug.

Shabbat Dinner: Do you women play a bigger role in making the holidays happen?

Introducing: Who Sets the Table?

In 2015, the Forward will explore whether women still do a disproportionate amount of the work around the Jewish holidays. Elissa Strauss offers an introduction.

Funny Lady: Amy Schumer isn’t the punch line — we are.

Not Afraid To Be a Girlie Girl

Unlike other Jewish comics, Amy Schumer’s point of view is unapologetically feminine. She represents a new stage in the evolution of the funny JAP, writes Elissa Strauss.

Which One?: It’s more than just a question of how we spend our money.

Should You Give Jewishly?

There are plenty of variables to weigh when deciding how to support charities. Elissa Strauss writes that it’s even more complicated if one chooses to give Jewishly.