Eliyahu Fink

The Rabbi Freundel Scandal Is Our Fault, Too

The Freundel scandal isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a rabbi exploiting his power over converts, Eliyahu Fink writes. We’re all responsible for allowing this to happen again.

The Tragic Lesson of the Shabbos App

If Jews want to use their phones on Shabbos, we haven’t made observance meaningful enough. Increase the payoff of observance, and a new app will be obsolete, Eliyahu Fink argues.

Maya Angelou's Lesson for the Orthodox

Orthodoxy should stop going down the rabbit hole of Talmudic reasoning and should focus on the broader message to the world. That’s an unexpected lesson from the poet Maya Angelou.

Ugly Truth Behind Donald Sterling's Racist Rant

Donald Sterling’s racist rant was disgusting. But the L.A. Clippers owner wasn’t lying about Israeli racism: Too often, white Jews do treat black Jews poorly, writes Eliyahu Fink.

Unending Grief: A passenger?s relative weeps after authorities say they believe Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 crashed in Indian Ocean, killing all those aboard.

A Shabbat Lesson From Doomed Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 — or Not

What is the lesson of the story that a Jewish passenger skipped doomed Malaysia Airlines flight on Shabbat? Nothing, says Eliyahu Fink, if we take our precepts seriously.