Elliot Olshansky

Hit the Ice! Jeff Halpern is ready to make an impact with the New York Rangers as the hockey season starts after the long lockout.

5 Jewish Players To Watch as Hockey Season Starts

Jeff Halpern and four other Jews will hit the ice with the rest of the National Hockey League as the puck finally drops on a lockout-delayed season.

Kevin Youkilis Joins the Yankees

Though A-Rod’s kabbalah studies are a thing of the past, it seems as if the Yankees’ will still have a third baseman with a history of Jewish studies on Opening Day… and this one’s actually Jewish.

Israeli Hoops Star Finds Relief on Court

Israeli Naama Shafir is the first Orthodox woman to star in American college hoops. When on the court, she doesn’t have to worry about the headlines from back home.

Tomer Hemed

No Iverson, But Israeli Hoops Galore

Rumors that Allen Iverson was joining Maccabi Haifa basketball team turned out to be false. But the Israeli powerhouse still hopes to open some eyes on U.S. tour.

London's Soccer 'Yid Army' Crosses Pond

Fans of London’s Tottenham Hotspur soccer team call themselves the ‘Yid Army’ and revel in the team’s perceived Jewish image. What happens when they come stateside?

Open-ing Salvo of Tennis Showcase

The 2012 U.S. Open marks 60 years since Vic Seixas began the greatest run ever by a Jewish tennis player. The Forward takes a look at this year’s Jewish contingent at Flushing Meadows.