Erik Tarloff

Sittin’ at the Savoy: Nat Hentoff (left) and clarinetist Edmond Hall as seen in David Lewis’s documentary, ‘The Pleasures of Being Out of Step.’

The Pleasures and Contradictions of Being Nat Hentoff

A new documentary on Nat Hentoff shows how the 89-year-old Village Voice critic and free speech activist was always a little ahead of the curve. Except when he was behind it.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: Leonard Bernstein (seen here in 1970), suffered from chronic emphysema. He passed away in 1990 at the age of 72.

How Leonard Bernstein Conducted Himself Through His Correspondence

Despite Leonard Bernstein’s fame, questions remain about his personal life and his career. A new collection of his letters answers some of the more vexing ones.

Michael Feinstein performs during a taping of the PBS series ?Michael Feinstein?s American Songbook.?

Michael Feinstein Strikes Up The Bland

Michael Feinstein’s ‘The Gershwins and Me,’ is a sustained act of homage to the legendary composers. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it a great book.