Frimet Goldberger

Narrating the Unraveling: Shulem Deen grew up in Brooklyn’s Boro Park, the largest ultra-Orthodox community in America.

How Shulem Deen Lost Everything and Found Himself

Losing one’s faith can be excruciatingly painful and lonely. Shulem Deen narrates his grim passage from faith to doubt in his riveting new memoir, ‘All Who Go Do Not Return.’

Show Me Your Yarmulke

You can tell a lot about a Jewish male by the type of yarmulke that he wears. Here’s our guide to the astounding variety of skullcaps, and what they mean.

Rabbi David Twersky holds a Torah scroll.

Hasidic Enclave Keeps Its Secrets Amid Elusive Rebbe's Tight Control

Grand Rabbi David Twersky enjoys near-divine status among his devotees. But some report being rebuffed when seeking help in sex abuse cases.

When the Mikveh Is an Ordeal of Faith

The peeping rabbi scandal reminds Frimet Goldberger of her own trips to the Satmar mikveh —  and the relentless inspections of her body that came with them.

New Square to Neighbors: Stay Away from Our Holy Shtetl!

Frimet Goldberger pokes fun at the Hasidic village of New Square’s recent letter asking neighbors to refrain from buying property (and bringing impurities) too close.

Clean Slate for Hashem: Frimet Goldberger wears the hand-embroidered cotton apron she received from her mother-in-law while lighting Sabbath candles.

What the Day of Atonement Meant to One Hasidic Woman

For married women belonging to the Satmar Hasidic sect, getting ready for Yom Kippur means a special visit to the ritual bath — and wearing white.

Book of Life: The author composed a Yiddish poem praising her mother’s domestic skills in seventh grade around Rosh Hashanah time. ‘The week goes by/ The year flies by/ She doesn’t miss a day/ Of putting in effort and hard work.’

A Satmar Girl Remembers Rosh Hashanah With Honey and Fear

Growing up in the ultra-Orthodox Satmar community, celebrating Rosh Hashanah meant honey, vows for modesty, praying with father — and waking up early to confuse Satan.

Dear Wendy Shalit: Adults Take Nude Selfies, Too!

Responding to Wendy Shalit’s take on Jennifer Lawrence’s hacked nude photos, Frimet Goldberger argues that adults take sexy selfies, too — and that’s a good thing.

Secrets of the Sheitel Stylists

Gneshe Bron and Shuly Amsel are two of the most sought after wig stylists in New York. Their glamorous concoctions adorn the heads of pious fashionistas.

Taxonomy of the Sheitel

Everything you ever wanted to know about religious Jewish wigs, but were too afraid to ask. Frimet Goldberger breaks down what each wig means for the woman who wears it.